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Order of Ruth The Perpetual Stranger

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15 April 1943
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I'm Quaker Mole and Order of Ruth

On Facebook, I'm Rosalie V. Grafe and Quaker Abbey.

My home is Quaker Abbey in Portland, OR.

It is also the location of Quaker Abbey Press.

Retired after 30 years with the public library, I returned to Portland State after 42 years and got my MS in Publishing in 2007. Now an independent publisher and senior editor, I'm adding two titles to our catalogue after the publication of the first, a WWI memoir by the late Literature professor, Carl E.W.L. Dahlstrom, Sent to Hell from Ann Arbor: A College Student's WWI.

For occasional albums of pictures, see Webshots under rosaliegrafe.

A member of Reedwood Friends Church (EFI), I split my church attendance each week between the Quakers and the Episcopalians up the street at All Saints Episcopal where I chaperone youth activities for my friend, Youth Minister, David Champion.

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